**Other methods of bundling cable together securely and semi-permanently include cable lacing,binding knots such as the surgeon's knot,constrictor knot,velcro brand hook-and-loop strips, twist ties,rapstrap fasteners,or metal buckle clips

Factory Description

Following our factory state material and our business partner special for your check.

"material: nylon 66,94V-2 passed UL,CE,TUV,SGS,RoHS,ISO9001:2000 approval, heating resisting, erosion control, insulate well and not apt to age. operating temperature: -45oC to 85oC. Color: Natural(or white, standard color, we can produce according to the customer's requirements), the cable tie including the UV power. We cooperated with GB(USA);SKN(USA),WAL-- MART(USA);TECTRAN(USA);MCB(Japan);Metro(germany). and so on large companies in the world."

Our factory 50pcs injection machine; 15 millers, 20 punch machine



We have our moulding center, can open moulding and produce the special cable tie according to the client's instructions.



cable tie history: In its most popular form, a cable tie consists of a sturdy nylon tape with an integrated gear rack, and on one end a ratched within a small open case. Cable ties were first invented by Thomas&Betts, an electrical company,in 1958 under the brand name Ty-rap initially designed for airplane wire harness. The original design used a metal ratchet instead of nylon,they later changed to the nylon/plastic design.

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