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COMPANy DESCRIPTIoN : ( factory for cable tie,cable clip; cable accessories, terminals )

......Our Company was established in 2000,from the beginning which mainly cover cable tie making in factory,Shanghai,China, since 2008, we develop cable tie tensioners,terminal series in all related fields for meeting market demands around the world. Our strength is that we can provide the proved quality products with very competitive price compired with other suppliers. We have a positive core team involve R&D, design, and manufacture, which are experienced people to finish all production process, especially for self lock cable-tie, releasible ties, Weilding-terminal, PCB-terminal, we enjoy high reputation among the clients. Some typical items in following webpage will be listed specification with clear photo for reference. If interested, pls feel free to inquiry with us on line. Our net factory for cable tie is located on the outskirt of Shanghai City. Anytime you are welcome to visit our plant when you have business trip around China. We are confident will supply the salable, stylish, and updated products according to customer's request. If try, you will also find from us can get the swiftly delivery and favorable service to catch your market, we are one of the best quality cable tie supplier ......

self lock tie

Self lock tie(*Popular every season*)



1. Cable tie,terminal,connectors : for autocar,cable; industrial and home application; distributors & wholesalers

2. Export rate : 80% ,world wide market; Now popular for European and South America

3. We are developing our new product series with full ranges of cable tie tooling models

4. Yearly sales volume :USD5,000,000

5. OEM & ODM : Available ; welcome inquiry

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cable tie tensioning

Cable tie gun

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