2015-08-25--We exported this kind of head-mounted ties to Los Angel's customer by two 40' Container quantity, including self lock ties 4.8x200 black color,and push mount ties4.6x182mm size. The turnover is a big improve to America customers.
2015-02-28--cable-clips for Holland customer with 40 cartons

joint-cable-ties-1joint-cable-ties-32014-12-28--Joint-cable-ties for America customer in heavy duty industrial application..


2013-05-28--Plastic tube for milk bottle at medical quality level, for baby suck milk use,hope very hot sales since the beginning of 2013..

Marker-blue-cable-ties 2013.03.18--One Cutomer inquiry this similar type of marker cable ties, we hope the

Project is going smoothly with a good starting...

cable-tie-Double-head 2012.12.28--G.W wireness st order with the purchasing Q'ty 200,000pcs. Now finish the shipping delivery.The produce lead time is 15 days.

2012.11.16--Bangladesh customer want 1000pcs as first order after cable ties regular order of size 3.6x150mm green color of one container. Also with this kind of cable ties gun of 5000pcs.

Yellow-cable-tie 2012.10.16--Bangladesh customer purchasing one 20 feet container yellow cable tie with the size 3.6x150mm.
Vecro-ties 2012.08.08--Australia customer need this velcro cable ties 10,000 bags by air, this velcro cable ties has been enjoying very good reputation Over the Australia market.
Barral-cable-tie 2012.06.19--One Taiwan customer purchasing this kind of packing to Warlmart for distributing over wholesaler market of United States.

2011-11-29--One Malysia Customer bought this kind of blister card stainless cable ties,

material is 304 or 316 stainless steel.