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2016.05.28 Cable ties turnover In last Spring seaon 2016, our nylon 66 cable ties sales turnover improved by cost descend as well as the price, RMB rate steady to US dollars. By Oliver
2015.10.28 Cable ties In the last seaon before Christmas Holidays,we will updated our Darxi cable ties again, the site will turn to be more attractive to new visitors, hope old visitors still like the new change. daniel@darxi.cn; By Daniel
2015.08.15 Cable ties China Dated Aug.11,RMB depreciated to US dollars up to 3.8%, our nylon 66 import cost descend 1%,so cable ties price could be downturn to 5% compared to the 2nd season. Welcome all customers send new exact inquiry List for more details: http://www.darxi.cn , sales@darxi.cn; by Oliver.
2014.12.20 Cable tie factory Darxi Plastic factory updated new 18 premier machines for nylon cable ties producing, new America customer give a big five for the new machine produce capacity.
2013.01.05 Cable tie shipping The service of Darxi is very professional covering the cable ties and related cable accessories as well as the shipping delivery. Ton Hogoosten/Holland
2012.05.08 Cable tie sell The European economy slump down for EUR inflation, the export rates slump down for 2 month. The stuff make all idea to maintain the old customers with the rock bottom price to meet the market adjustment.
2011.07.11 Cable ties One belgium cusomer buy yellow cable ties of the size 9.0x380 with good quantity by air. Our price is the best among the whole China supplier at proved quality.
2010.11.09 Cable tie buy One big customer from Europe buy the size of releasible cabe ties of the size 9.0x1000mm with 500,000pcs.We made the tooling mould free of charge for this good customer.
2010.05.18 Cable tie price The cable tie's factory in Shanghai enlarge the area, workers up to 500 people. The export quantity is 10 containers average per month.
2009.05.08 Nylon 66 ties Google adwords on australia market for terminals,self lock ties, pallet container cable ties with export to Australia marketith very good quality cable ties at reasonable price.
2008.08.18 Cable ties China We start to advertise on alibaba for cable ties, wire ties,wire nut, stainless cable ties,twist ties, terminals on Europeanarket, and get good market feedback from Nertherland, Uk,Belgium,Spian,Italy, enlarge the sales rate 50%;Enlarge new produce ranges updated
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